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Plaid Faction recorded a few tapes, a CD and got a few live shows caught on video.  In this section, I will upload all of the videos I can find and put it here.  Of course, if you have more recordings of us playing, please contact me via the contact page so that I can get them up on the site. 

I finally got a few of our live shows converted from VHS to DVD so that I can get them uploaded here on the site.  The process is a little more tedious than converting the audio to digital, so this page will be a work in progress.  But I'm pretty happy about the video we have because from these four performances, you get a glimpse of a big chunk of the lifecycle of Plaid Faction.  From our very first gig where we are so nervous and green that we are bumping into each other on stage, to the May Day show where we had pretty much arrived as a serious up and coming band to the later Boozer's and Trees gigs where our energy and crowd levels had dropped dramatically showing the slow demise of the band. 

Hope you dig it...

The 20 Year Reunion (12/9/11)

This was our 20 year reunion gig.  Our first gig was on December 3rd, 1991.  We tried to get December 3rd, 2011, but it was booked and the 9th was as close as we could get.  We figure it was close enough anyway.  Brandon was thoughtful enough to bring a video recorder and tripod and uploaded the videos to YouTube.                                                                               






The Reunion 2010!

Shane White let us open up for his White Noise Band and do an hour set at the Rockett Cafe & Club in Rockett, Texas.  Roughly 200 showed up.  Some old school, some that had heard about us and wanted to come check it out.  Here are the videos from that great show:

Sweet Liberty

15 Minutes


I Remember When

Freak Child



Back & Forth



If Music Be...

First Gig 1991...

Our first gig was on December 3, 1991 at the (then called) Rhythm Room on Dyer Street near Greenville in Dallas.  That bar was later named Stimpy's and Stone Pony and all other kinds of names later on in future when we played there, but at the time of the firsts gig it was the Rhythm Room.  The lineup then was Chris (vocals),  J.C. (guitar), Jarrett (bass) and Skip (drums).  This is the gig we had to reschedule after our first second drummer Brandon (the 1st) quit and went off to college.  Luckily for us, we found Skip and got the tunes worked up and got another gig there.  Since this was our first gig and we hadn't written a ton of original material yet, there were a lot of cover tunes in here.  Some I had actually forgotten about :)

If I remember right, this was a Tuesday and the event was called "New Music Tuesdays" or something like that where new bands were showcases.  We knew we had to bring it if we were going to break into the music scene, so we called every friend and relative we ever knew to come out.  I think there were about 80 people there which was a huge deal on a Tuesday night at this bar.  The band before us had like 5 people and the band after us had about the same 5 or so.  We coordinated somehow to have our audience come and go during our performance so the management would surely know who brought the people.  My brother Clay video taped this for us.  My cousin Kevin Helms is standing next to him and can be heard hollering through out.  Up front I can see Big Bad Bill, Jay, Brian Heflin, Candace, Kelly Morris and a ton of other friends and relatives in attendance.

Desperate People (Living Colour)

Wind Cries Mary

I Remember When

Falling for You


May Day 1993...

This gig was a year and a half later on May 1, 1993.  I can't remember if this was our tape or CD release party, I just remember it being a big gig for us.  Right around the point that we reached our peak of popularity in Dallas, as we were seen as one of the big up and coming bands in Dallas at this point.  It seems like there were 200+ people at this gig at the bar that was then called The Main Bar.  That was pretty much our home in Deep Ellum until the later half of the 90s.  By this point we had dumped Skip and picked up the guy that turned out to be Plaid Faction's main drummer for the bulk of the band's career, Matt Key.  This must have been soon after Matt joined the band because Chris announces Hummingbird as a new song and that was the first song we wrote with Matt.  Unfortunately, the tape was damaged during the Hummingbird performance, so its not on here.  Matt's incredible technique and metronome like time really changed the feel of the band.  Where we had been pretty loose rhythmically with Skip, now we had started to become tight and that gave us more opportunities and confidence on stage as you can see in these videos.  Here they are:

Back & Forth

Sweet Liberty

Crown of Thorns

Are you Gonna go my way? (Lenny Kravitz)

Scratch - (I don't remember this song at all)