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These are the members of the band over the years as I can remember them.  I tried to remember all the folks along the way and if I missed someone or have some errors in there, shoot me an email and I will fix it.


Core Members:


John "J.C." Francis (Lead Guitar / Backup vocals)


J.C. was one of the founding members of the band and was key in writing of all of the music of Plaid Faction.  He played guitar from the very start of the group.  He and I started the band idea with two guitar players in mind, but eventually that changed along the way.  J.C. was the one member of Plaid Faction that was with it from cradle to grave.  An awesome guitar player in his own rite, he has to be singled out as the first core member.  J.C. and I were pretty much like Yin to Yang when it came to writing music, constantly finishing each others musical thoughts and playing sounding board for the other. 

Jarrett Hinds (Bass Player)

That's me.  What can I say about me?  I was the first bass player in Plaid Faction and played with them until 1997.  J.C. and I co-wrote all of the music of Plaid Faction throughout the years.  Not sure what else to say, we laid down some good grooves and had a great journey together.

Christopher Tracy (Lead Singer / Frontman Extraordinaire)

Where to start on Chris... :)  Chris was the one and only lead singer to Plaid Faction and is/was a unique guy to say the least.  I wasn't sure if he would want me to put his last name up here, so I just went with Chris.  He had a great voice and incredible stage presence.  He could get crowds eating out of the palm of his hand.  As far as I can remember, Chris wrote all of the lyrics to Plaid Faction songs.  There might be one or two songs in there that J.C. wrote the lyrics for, but for the most part it was Chris.  Chris was a major driving force behind Plaid Faction and probably took the promotion of the band more serious than anyone else in the band. 

Matt Key ("The" Drummer)

Matt Key was technically our third drummer, but he was "the" drummer of Plaid Faction as far as anyone is concerned.  This guy was an incredible drummer.  When we picked him up he was first chair in the Jazz Orchestra at University of Texas at Arlington.  When he first hit the group, he was a way more seasoned musician than the rest of us and made it a great challenge for us to attempt to get our playing up to par with his.  On a personal note, I feel like I learned how to really play with a drummer from playing with him and feel I'm a much better player today because of the interaction.

Other Players:


The Other Brandon (Drummer #1)


This guy actually never gigged with us.  He was our drummer before Skip and worked with us all the way up to right before our first gig.  We had like nine tunes worked up and were ready to go with a month or so to go before the first gig and he dropped the bomb on us.  His mom said he had to quit playing the band and go to college!  We told him he was crazy for missing out on the all the wealth and riches that would come from making it as a rock star drummer.  Our pep talk failed and we never heard from him again.  Of course unlike the remaining members, he probably went to college, invented the Flow-Bee and actually got rich :)



Skip (Drummer #2)


So with The Other Brandon gone and a gig a month away, we started looking.  We had to push our gig out a bit until we could find a replacement on short notice.  In comes Skip.  Skip picked up the tunes the best he could and on we go to the first gig.  Skip was our second drummer and recorded the first demo tape with us.  He was a really nice guy, fun to be around and had a great stage presence, but we quickly figured out he wasn't the right drummer for us.  We knew if we wanted to get tighter and tighter as a group, we needed a drummer that was a monster.  If I remember correctly, Skip left the band around the time that Nirvana played Trees, whenever that was.  Skip's departure was interesting and I will elaborate on that story in the stories section. 



Jerry (Drummer #4)


At this point I can't remember why we decided to get a new drummer.  Maybe someone else can remember, but at some point towards the end we somehow came to the decision that Matt had to go and we picked up Jerry.  Jerry was a nice guy and had a cool grooving style.  He and I could lay down nice funk rhythms at the drop of a hat.  But he couldn't keep up with the more aggressive tunes we played and he ultimately had to go.  I think it was mostly because Brandon Burr finally came available to us.



Brandon Burr (Drummer #5 or as I like to think of him, "The Other 'The' Drummer)


Brandon Burr is an awesome drummer and I really hate to have him listed down here as he was the drummer I grooved with the most.  He was the guy I wanted as our drummer forever, but it seemed like every time we needed one he was already firmly in another band.  That didn't stop us from asking him though, sorry Pulp Society guys :)  Brandon played all the way to the end of the Plaid Faction journey, even after I quit the band.  He is the only guy I know still playing out in professional bands today, check the current section for more info.  Brandon wrote this intro beat to a song called Stepneck that is possibly my favorite drum intro of all time. 


Chris remembers that he was the one that wanted Brandon and J.C. and I did not.  Chris setup a rehearsal at DLP Studios where we played RATM's "Bulls on Parade" together and it was a lock after that.



David Shafer (Bass player #2)


I don't know much about Dave other than he is a really good player and seemed to be a nice guy as well.  As this progresses I'm hoping one of  the other members that played with him will give me some info to add about him. Plaid Faction recorded some songs with him after I left.  Check out If Music Be... and Weight in the music section.



Pre Faction and other Key Members:



Bill "Big Bad Bill" Howell (Pre Faction Bass Player / Security / Roadie / Moral Support)


Bill was there from the very beginning and all the way to the end one way or another.  He started out as the bass player in the early Plaid Faction days.  He even played bass with Plaid Faction at least one time I can remember at one of our Dallas Music Complex gigs.  He is my long time friend and was my roommate during these years.  He was there at most of the shows and even traveled with us sometimes.  While he didn't hold a place in the band during the Plaid Faction years, he was as much as part of the band as any member.  There are many a great story of Plaid Faction including the Triple B Man and I hope to get them all added to the stories section.



Kevin (K-Man or Jetkiller) Mundy (Official Bus Driver)


Another long time friend from Waxahachie, Kevin was a regular at the Faction shows.  It was understood by everyone in the band that when we hit the big time, Kevin was to be the most overpaid band bus driver of all time.



Jay Young (Pre Faction Guitar Player)


Jay was the guitar player in the garage band that was to become Plaid Faction.  While I haven't known him as long as say J.C., Bill, or Kevin; I consider him to be one of my best friends and forever my hetero life mate despite geographic differences.  A really good musician in his own rite and probably the funniest human I have ever met.  Jay has captured several stories over time which will be included where possible in the story section.



Adrian aka "The Colonel" (Pre Faction Drummer)


Big Bad Bill reminded me about Adrian's name.  He was the drummer from Desoto that was there when we met Chris.  I can't remember now why he left the band, hopefully someone will.  Bill said we called him The Colonel because he was always eating some KFC.