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Meeting Chris...

I actually remember very little about this.  After J.C. and I had determined we were going to be rock stars, we needed to find a good front man since neither of us could play and sing at the same time, nor was our singing that good.  During that time the four man rock bands with a single lead singer were becoming popular.  Our inspirations at that time were bands like Living Colour, Faith No More and Red Hot Chili Peppers so were looking for a front man with those attributes.  We ran an ad in the Dallas paper and put up numbers at the local music stores which was pretty much the way to do it back then. 

At this time, it was J.C. and I on guitars, Big Bad Bill on bass and the drummer from Desoto whose name I have now forgotten.  Chris answered our ad and sounded really interesting.  Since none of us owned a PA that a singer could sing through, we agreed to meet up at the hot band rehearsal studio of the time which of course I can't remember the name of now.  (Side note: while we all maintained equipment over the years, Chris never purchased a practice PA for rehearsals)  Our group got there on time and got all setup and as we were to discover Chris was always fashionably late.  So while wondering if we had been stood up, we started to rehearse a bit.

Finally Chris makes his appearance.  At the time, I don't think he had a car and would get a ride from his roommate.  Chris and his roommate enter the room.  Chris had some pullover on with the hood over his head and face.  He entered the room and walked directly across to the other side without looking at or acknowledging the band and sat down.  We all just kind of looked at each other like WTF?

J.C. and I approached him and introduced ourselves.  He played it pretty cool.  It was obvious that he was very nervous walking into a roomful of musicians, but he covered it well.  We struck up a bit of discussion, but not too much.  He took the position that he was interviewing us to potentially be his band.  He wanted to hear us play.  So we played the few tunes we knew.  We asked him to sing, but I don't think he actually did :)  Later we found out that he had a great voice, but just never got any training on how to sing.  He pulled it off without any training fairly well though.

Chris was always kind of an eccentric character and worked to keep a bit of mystique around him.  I think Chris was originally from Dayton, Ohio and I have forgotten how he came to be in Dallas now.  As you can see from his pictures, Chris was a thin black guy that kept braids in his hair ala Living Colour.  Being major Living Colour fans, we thought that was completely cool.  He had not been a singer in a band before ours I don't believe.  He did however have the look, the attitude and a notebook full of lyrics.   

After a couple more rehearsals, we accepted him into or he accepted us into his band or something :)  However it worked out, we had the original line up now and began to practice together.