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Plaid Faction recorded a few tapes, a CD and got a few live shows caught on video.  In this section, I will upload all of the media I can find and put it here.  Of course, if you have more recordings of us playing, please contact me via the contact page so that I can get them up on the site.  I put the songs first and the videos at the bottom of the page.  Hope you dig it...

I dug up all of the old recordings I could find and converted them to MP3 format.  I'm sure that some of the quality of the recordings were lost in transfer, but I still think they came out alright.  Some were pulled from CD, cassette tape and even a few pulled from live recordings captured on VHS tape and converted to audio only.  Here they be...

20 Year Reunion Gig - (Liquid Lounge - 12/9/2011)

This was our 20 year reunion gig.  Our first gig was on December 3rd, 1991.  We tried to get December 3rd, 2011, but it was booked and the 9th was as close as we could get.  We figure it was close enough anyway.  We didn't know while we were playing, but soundman was recording the show and we were able to get a copy of it to add to the website.  During the preparation for this gig we realized due to work schedules and people moving that this might be our last gig ever, so it made it even more special.    We had a nice crowd of long time friends show up and they supported us in doing it one more time.  Thank you all for coming out and thanks to everyone for 20 great years!


1.   Sweet Liberty /15 Minutes

2.   Freak Child

3.   Weight

4.   Evergreen / Killer

5.   Hummingbird

6.   I Remember When

7.   Back and Forth

8.   If Music Be...

9.   Black Angel


2010 Reunion Gig (Live - 7/24/2010)

The website served it's purpose and pulled Plaid Faction back together.  After a few practices to knock the rust off, we were ready for the stage again.  Shane White let us open up for his White Noise Band and do an hour set at the Rockett Cafe & Club in Rockett, Texas.  Roughly 200 showed up.  Some old school, some that had heard about us and wanted to come check it out.  Here are the mp3s from that great show:


1.   Sweet Liberty

2.   15 Minutes

3.   Weight

4.   I Remember When

5.   Freak Child

6.   Redrum

7.   Killer

8.   Back and Forth

9.   Evergreen

10. Hummingbird

11. If Music Be...


First Demo (1992)

As the rather descriptive title says this was our first demo tape recorded at Nomad Studio by Kreg Lauterbach back in 1992.  It was a three song demo we used to shop ourselves locally and get the whole machine started.  As you can see its a bit lighter and more poppy than we ended up.  We started in this vein and slowly got heavier and heavier as time went on.

1. Think

2. I Remember When

3. Death Stick



Kids Album (1993)


This was our first "album" and I don't remember it having a name.  It had this picture drawn on the front of it with two kids, so I decided to refer to it as the "Kids album" here.  This was recorded in a warehouse over behind the The Main Bar I think.  The engineer was Charles England who was also the engineer on our CD.  Now I can't remember how we hooked up with him to do this tape, but this tape really stepped our popularity up at the time.  It was recorded really fast over a couple of days, but I think there was a little of our live magic caught on this recording.  From this tape we started getting more gigs, more people at shows and interest from management agencies and independent record labels.  Too bad we picked the wrong ones...


1. Sweet Liberty

2. Hummingbird

3. Back to You



Trees Sessions (Live - 1994)

It's funny but this is probably my favorite recording of us.  We did it like on a Tuesday night or something at Trees in Deep Ellum.  We were always a live band and had a hard time getting our magic on tape in a studio.  This recording was taken during a live performance and while it captured some mistakes along the way, it also did a good job of capturing our live magic.  You can feel how tight we were as a band on this recording and how dynamic the music could be. 


1.  Back & Forth

2.  Hummingbird

3.  Freak Child

4.  Back to You

5.  Black Angel

6.  Crown of Thorns

7.  Fire (Jimi Hendrix)

8.  Identity

9.  Sweet Liberty

10. Passion

11. Black Crowes Joke



Plaid Faction (Self titled CD - 1994)

This was our big time CD :)  It was recorded at Last Beat Records in Deep Ellum somewhat under the pretense we were being signed to the record label.  It took us about a month to complete the recording sessions.  Everyone went in and played on their own against a click track or previous track.  For me, this was the first time I did a whole album like this and it threw me a bit.  As a result some of the grooves are off a bit, but hey can't make excuses now I guess :)


1. Redrum

2. 15 Minutes

3. Evergreen

4. Freak Child

5. Killer

6. Immaculate

7. Hummingbird

8. Black Angel



Legend (last demo - circa 1998)

This was the last demo done by the band sometime in 97-98.  This was recorded with the second bass player Dave Schafer.


1. If Music Be...

2. Weight

3. Sweet Liberty

4. Back & Forth