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Current Gear:

Gone but not Forgotten:

Link to Dallas Ampfest Videos

Best Musical Equipment purchase:

Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra

List of Guitar Amps bought/sold:

1968 Fender Super Reverb
1968 Fender Twin w/JBL 15 speaker
ADA MP-1 + Peavey Classic 60
Aiken Invader (18watt)
Aiken Invader (30watt)
Aiken Sabre (2)
Aiken Tomcat
Alessandro Working Dog
Allen Old Flame (2 of them)
Ampeg 140 SSC or something
Bogner Ecstacy Classic
Bogner Ecstasy 101B (a few)
Bogner Metropolis 30watt 4x10 combo
Bogner Shiva (6 total - 6L6 & EL34)
Bruno Cowtipper
Bruno Underground45
Crate 140 something?
Dr Z Maz 18 Jr.
Dr Z Maz 38
Dr Z Super Z
Dr Z Z28
Egnater Mod50
Egnater Rebel20
Fargen Dual Classic
Fatboy 2x12 combo
Fractal Axe-FX (Standard & Ultra)
Kendrick 2410
Kendrick Do Awl combo
Komet 60
Lab Series L5
Line6 AxSys 212
Line6 Flextone III
Line6 HD500
Line6 Spider Valve
Mesa Rectoverb 50
Splawn ProMod 100
Suhr Badger
Tech21 Trademark60
THD Bivalve
THD Flexi
THD Univalve
Tone King Meteor (2 of them)
Tone King Meteor II
Top Hat Emplexador (2 of them)
Two Rock Custom Reverb
Two Rock Emerald Pro
Two Rock modded Bassman
Two Rock Opal (2)
Two Rock Topaz
Zwengal Banshee

List of guitars bought/sold:

Sears Strat copy
No nameDestroyer copy
1988 Fender HM Strat
70's scalloped strat
Blue Chravel Strat
Crackled Charvel
Robin Medley
Black Strat-like with EMG's
BC Rich Brunswick
Ibanez GEM
ESP George Lynch Skulls and Crossbones

Tom Anderson Drop Top (one Bora Bora Blue, one Cajun Red)
Tom Anderon Classic (Sunburst)
Tom Anderson Cobra (one Jack's Blue, one Honey Burst)
Tom Anderson Cobra Special (was Tom Anderson's personal guitar)
Grosh Retro Classic (one red, one green, one seafoam green)
Tyler Psychadelic Vomit
Tyler Landau Classic
1999 Fender American Deluxe Strat
Fender MIM Strat

 List of basses bought/sold:

Modified Fender P-bass
Ken Smith Burner 4
Alembic Series 1
Alembic Stanley Clarke
Red Single Pickup Modulus
Custom Modulus
Six String Modulus
ESP 5-string
Fender FotoJazz
Warwick Streamer Stage I
2nd Warwick Streamer Stage I
Goodman GB-4
Carvin SB5000
Carvin SB4000
Carvin SB5001

List of bass amps bought/sold:

Trace Elliot Series 6
Peavey Something
Fender 400
Ashley preamp/Crown poweramp
Trace Elliot AH350SMX
Ampeg Portabass250
Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0
Carvin BX500

My Clips:

 Most of these aren't pretty and weren't really meant to be shared in the first place.  I just made them to help me remember what different gear sounds like for future reference.  They are just my rough attempts to capture some tones from the gear I've owned over the years.  I don't have any really good recording gear, so I tried some different methods throughout the process with very mixed results.  Since I was building this page, I thought would throw these out there in case anyone was interested in some of this. 

Bass Clips:

Using Carvin SB5000 and Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 direct to computer:

Passive front pickup with a pick and some OD

Passive both pickups with a pick and some OD

Clip with Carvin Strings

Slap with HiBeams

Slap with FatBeams

Noodle Clip

Finger Clip

A Slap Idea

Comparison clips:

Straight Bass

Blonde Bass

Shuttle 9.0 Bass

Axe-FX Firmware 9.02:








Guitar Clips:

Straight Guitar

Blonde Guitar 1

Blonde Guitar 2

Blonde Guitar 3

Blonde Guitar 4

Blonde + M13 Lenny

Blonde + M13 Edge

Blonde + M13 Velvet Sun

Blonde + M13 Rock

Blonde + M13 Metal 1

Blonde + M13 Metal 2

Blonde + M13 Sweet Liberty

Fractal Audio Axe-FX Clips:

Firmware 9.02 Guitar Clips:







Velvet Sun Guitar

Vox Clean

Axe-FX in the room clips:

Clean (Black Sheepish)

Clean2 (Little Wing - Rolled back guitar volume)

Clean3 (Little Wing - Full Guitar Volume)

SigX Lead Patch

Bogner Ecstacy Patch

SigX Lead Patch (Drop D)

Bogner Ecstacy Patch (Drop D)

Axe-FX SV Bass Patch

Egnater EG5 Patch

Vox Clean + Shred Dist + Grosh

Direct to computer clips:

1st Attempt

2nd Attempt

VHT SigX Clips:




Lead Boost



Little Wing OD

Little Wing Clean

Egnater Mod50 Clips:

Egnater T/D Module - Channel A

Egnater T/D Module - Channel B

Egnater VX Module - Channel A

Egnater VX Module - Channel B

Egnater SL2 Module - Channel A

Egnater SL2 Module - Channel B

Egnater EG5 Module - Channel A

Egnater EG5 Module - Channel B

Aiken Clips:

Aiken Sabre OD channel + gain boost - first try

Aiken Sabre Clean

Aiken Invader in Plexi mode with a Tim and Barber Unit in front

Aiken Invader in Ali mode with a Tim and Barber Burn Unit in front

Tone King Clips:

Tone King Meteor II Rhythm Channel clean (microphonic tube)

Tone King Meteor II Rhythm Channel + Barber Direct Drive

Tone King Meteor II Lead Channel - first try

Tone King Meteor II Lead Channel - second try

Tone King Meteor rhythm channel - first try

Tone King Meteor rhythm - second try

Tone King Meteor lead channel with some Brimar 6V6s installed - first attempt

Tone King Meteor lead channel with some Brimar 6V6s installed - second attempt

Tone King Meteor with Barber Burn Unit

Tone King Meteor with Keeley BD-2

Tone King Meteor with Wide Open Keeley BD-2

Tone King Meteor -  comparing Keeley BD-2 & AC Boost

Tone King Meteor with Sparkle Drive

Another Tone King Meteor clip

THD Clips:

THD Flexi

THD BiValve with a mix of 6550 and EL34 tubes

THD BiValve with 6L6s

Allen Clips:

Allen Old Flame in various settings with a strat and a Tim Pedal at the end

Allen Old Flame with Tim and Barber Burn Unit in front

Bogner Clips:

Bogner Shiva Clean

Bogner Shiva Medium Gain

Bogner Ecstacy

Line6 Spider Valve 212 Clips:

Vox Clean

Vox OD

Vox Feedback

Heavy Plexi


Line6 Spider Valve 212 Clips - Direct (left) vs. Close Mic'ed (right):

Clean Compare

Heavy Compare

Other Line6 Clips:

I think this is some Line6 stuff

More Line6 stuff I think

Various Clips:

Two Rock Opal

Alessandro Rottweiler

Splawn ProMod

Tech 21 Trademark60

Tech21 Trademark60 with a Barber Burn Unit

Line6 Flextone III + Crate PowerBlock clean

Random Recordings:

I want to Know


Martin Groove

Just a groove

Sloppy Groove

Schlumpy Funk

Just some noodling

Slinky Funk




Years playing music: 29


Alto Sax: 8 years (stopped)


Guitar: 27 years (on and off - on hiatus from it right now)


Bass: 20 years (main instrument)


Music Education: Years of guitar lessons, a few years of bass Lessons with Chuck Rainey and Phil McNeese, music classes in public school, majored in music in college for a few years but didn't get my degree in it.

Bands: School bands on sax, a few rock bands on guitar, college jazz bands on bass, professional rock band on bass for 8 years, a short stint as country guitar player,  five years with a local church group on bass and guitar and various sit ins and blues jams on guitar over the years. 


Recordings:  Aside from my home recordings, I've recorded material for several albums/CDs with the professional band and several sessions over the years on bass with other groups.


Write Music?  Yes, I co-wrote all of the material on the band's recordings.  Also, wrote parts for the session gigs.  I have done arranging for other bands in the past.  Lately, I have been collaborating with an old friend on a new set of material we are really enjoying.  Some of it is in the recordings above.


Current Gigs: Played some reunion gigs with Plaid Faction and working up a new band called the Greathouse Drifters.  I'm on break from playing P&W gigs right now but prior to that I played the last 3 years in a church band called Encounter and I really enjoyed it.  Recently I've made the switch back to bass fulltime.


Bass Preference:  I like basses that sound alive and organic.  Two that I have found that fit that category are my new Carvin SB5000 and an early 90's Warwick Streamer Stage I 5-string that I've had for roughly 17 years now (both are pictured above)


Bass Amp preference: Anything that lets the bass come through nice, clear and thumping.  I dig 10 inch speakers for bass.  Currently, I use a Carvin BX5000 with a SWR Golight 4x10 and Carvin 2x10 cab.  I recently found my old Trace Elliot amp in the back of an old dusty shop so I had to buy it back and get it refurbed.  Now its my backup amp. (all pictured above)


Guitar preference: Tom Anderson guitars.  Love their Cobras and Classics.  Dig Tylers and Groshes as well.


Guitar Pickup Preference: Tom Anderson pickups.  Dig their single coils and their H1 and H3 in various split and humbucker settings. 


Picks:  Medium pointed V-Pick or Dunlop Gator Grip 2.0mm if I can't find it :)


Guitar Tone Preference: Too many really.  Bogner ,Vox, VHT, Soldano, Blackface tones, which I can get from the Axe-FX


Current guitar & amps: Don't own one currently.  Although my daughter has a Carvin guitar we built together and a Line6 Flextone III in her room I can use if I get the itch.


Some favorite past guitar amps:  Egnater Mod50, VHT SigX, Aiken Sabre, Aiken Invader, Aiken Tomcat, Bogner Shiva, Two Rock Opal, Splawn ProMod, Bruno Cowtipper, Tone King Meteor II, THD Flexi, Super Reverbs, Tech 21 Trademark 60 (Bang for Buck)


Favorite pedals: Tim and Barber Burn Unit pedals (pictured above but not using any pedals currently)



Random Thoughts:


Style of music you play? Contemporary Christian, Rock, Funk, older Metal, Blues, Folk, Country, etc.  Not a big modern jazz fan.  I dig the older Jazz standards though.  Really just whatever I can find to play with people I enjoy :)


Bass players I dig:  Chuck Rainey, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Duck Dunn, Flea, Jaco, etc.


Bass Technique:  I'm about a 50/50 slap/finger player.  I love both styles and use them when I can.  Also do some tapping and harmonics use in there.


Lead Player/Rhythm Player, if both how much of each? Both (80:20 Rhythm)

Pick user or finger style...or a hybrid? Hybrid, including some weird tapping and slapping techniques that I got from playing the bass :)

Guitar player(s) you look up to and try to emulate as part of your style? BB King, Eric Johnson, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, metal players like Lynch, DeMartini, Sykes, Wylde, etc.


General thoughts on Music:  I friggin' LOVE music.  It's a huge part of my life.  While I used to enjoy the hunt of gear swapping, nowadays I just want to play.  My love falls in playing live for sure.  I think there is something special going on in music, much deeper than wavy lines on an oscilloscope.  I have a deep down internal drive to play music and get a very spiritual reward from it.  Playing at home by myself is somewhat rewarding, but I think playing with a band in front of a live audience is where it's at.  No matter what the style or arena or position in the group, just as long as the players are being honest and considerate and the vibe is pumping, there is a very special thing that happens in those settings.  Something magical and spiritual for sure.  And I can't seem to ever get enough of it :)