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As of 07/29/2010, we had a reunion gig!  It was greatness.  Thanks to everyone that made it happen.  It was on 7/24/2010 at the Rockett Cafe & Club in Rockett, Texas.  Roughly 200 people were there and we had a blast.  Check the gallery and video sections for some new media. 

John "J.C." Francis...

Facebook:  J.C. Francis

J.C. goes by John now I think, but he will always be J.C. to me.  After Plaid Faction broke up, J.C. got married to a wonderful woman named Claudia.  After that he started his own wholesale liquor distribution store.  I kind of lost touch with him around them.  Around Christmas 2006, I received a Christmas card from his family with a picture of two beautiful daughters!  Apparently J.C. is back in college and is blowing right through it this time.  I'm hoping to get in contact with him soon to catch up and get more stuff for the site.

On Thursday December 20th 2007, I got an email from Claudia Francis (JC's wife) informing me that JC's dad (Dino Francis) had just lost his battle with cancer.  She informed me that the memorial services were the next day on the 21st.  Having grown up with Dino as sort of a second dad, I had to make it out there.  It was an incredibly moving service, I'm so glad I went and got to spend time with JC and his family again.  They are really good people and Dino was a great man.

After the service, the family invited everyone back to their awesome ranch that their family built together.  JC and Claudia now have two beautiful daughters and JC just finished his bachelor's degree and has just sat for the LSAT (test to get into law school).  I'm extremely happy for him and his accomplishments and wish him a bright future in which ever direction he decides to go.  As JC and I spent a few hours catching up, we eventually got to talking about the Plaid Faction website and what else needed to be up there.  He gave me a whole pile of cassette and VHS tapes that I have had converted to CD and DVD.  Now I can finally start updating the site with more music, and most importantly some videos.

Jarrett Hinds...

Facebook:  Jarrett Hinds

I left the band in 1997 to "get a real job."  I got into the tech field doing computers and such.  I worked at places like Nortel, Nokia, EDS, CheckPoint Software, GTE Internetworking, CapRock Communications and finally ended up at Bank of America where I have been for the past seven years or so on their Information Security Monitoring team.  In 1999, I bought a house in Waxahachie and moved back home.  A few months later my (now fifteen year old) daughter moved in with me and we have been living together ever since.  She's in seventh grade now and way into horse riding.  She's really good at it and has won several buckles and trophies over the years.  We actually own four horses...  Can you believe that?  Me with a horse?  Even got a truck and trailer to haul it around with :)

When I get free time from my daughter's school and other activities, I still do a lot of the same stuff I used with some new stuff added in.  I still play bass and guitar a lot.  I actually had a short stint as a guitar player in a country band if you can imagine that :)  The last couple of years I've been playing some guitar and mostly bass in a local church.  It has been a lot of fun and a good learning experience.  Some of the contemporary Christian music is pretty cool.  For the last year I have been playing guitar and bass in a new non-denominational church called Encounter.  Recently got baptized there as well along with my daughter.

Here is another quick website I put up to talk about the things I am doing musically.  It's a little out of date, but it might still be interesting to see:

Clips/Gear/Music Bio

I used to jet ski a lot, but they were getting in the way of the horse showing bidness, so they were sold in 2007.  Update: Got some more skis in 2009 and have been riding again!  As always I'm still into martial arts and train when I get a chance.  Getting old and fat sucks though so I don't do it as much I would like.  In 2007, I started working with a boxing/kickboxing coach and got my stand up game to a new level.  There's actually a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu place that just opened in Waxahachie called Trinity MMA.  I've done a little training there, but hoping to get more serious about in 2008.  Update: Too old for Martial Arts anymore :)

Unfortunately at 39 now, it's a lot more fun to watch than do these days :)   I do keep up with all the MMA events like UFC and have been to a few live ones in Dallas now that the HDnet and Art of War shows are in town.  Went to my first UFC when it hit Dallas in 2009.  I'm a big fan of that.  And a couple of years ago I got into scuba diving.  I've dove in a few of the waters in Texas have made four trips to dive in Cozumel so far.  That's incredible if you ever get the chance to do it.

Christopher Tracy...

Facebook: Christopher Tracy

I made contact with Chris!  He said he has tons of videos and rehearsal recordings that he is willing to get up on the site.  And here are some words from the man himself:

The name of my new band was Bullet Ant.....and we were as good as plaid faction was but we had some of the same problems that plaid faction had.....meaning no one really took it seriously and after trying my hardest I just gave up.  I was married for about a year and a half but divorced in kids.  still work for the same place that i worked for when we knew each other.....eagle postal center......except i now own the store.  so now i work as a dj 3 nights a week and at the post office 1 day a week and i am planning to move to hawaii in spring/summer 2008.  still want to do music and i am considering jamming with the bass player of my last band but i think that i am currently too angry to really do any good singing......rapping i can do easily but i want to sing.

Here are Chris' myspace sites:

Brandon Burr...

Facebook: Brandon Burr

As I mentioned above, I ran into Brandon at Guitar Center in Dallas a couple of years ago.  It was good to see him for sure.  He told me he was still playing regularly.  It made me feel good to hear that.  I haven't talked to him since, but I found this searching on Google for Brandon.  Looks like he is still playing and doing well.


Update: Brandon hooked up with us and did the Reunion on 7/24/2010!


Matt Key...

I've heard literally nothing about Matt.  I think someone said he got married, but I might just be making that up.  I'm hoping he finds the site and we can catch up.

Bill "Big Bad Bill" Howell -

Facebook: Bill Howell

Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now....

The site is already working!  I got in contact with Triple B today.  Here is a quote from the man himself:

Just to update the “ BILL HOWELL STORY”. I am  living in Waxahachie, the same street that Jarrett's older brother was on, with my second ( that is another PLAID FACTION STORY for later)  wife , Jaime,  and no,... Jay Young, not   the kung fu master Jaime, but  a beautiful woman. Our daughter's name is Abigail, she is 2 .  I have been working in the same business for 17 years and 14 were i am currently. My wife has a beauty salon in Waxahachie ( PONYTAILZ AND NAILZ), need  to plug the business for reasons we'll express in the movie. I am also working on my master's, no... Jay Young not masturbating,  degree in Criminal Justice at UTA. My interest are shotgun sports, golf, home repair, and what ever my wife and kid say. 

My role in the band was well put together by J Hinds preface. I would love to begin to recount how it all started, and i will get there in future ramblings, but the first entry will be:  “ Houston , we are ROCK STARS” Check it out in the stories section.

And Bill was at the Reunion gig!


Kevin (K-Man or Jetkiller) Mundy (Official Bus Driver)


Facebook: Kevin Mundy

K-Man is also married and expecting his first child in early 2007.  I see Kevin on a daily basis because he works with me at Bank of America in the Information Security department.  He lives way up in North Texas somewhere called Azle or Aubrey or something.  Well he calls it Texas, but I secretly think its part of Oklahoma. 


And K-man was at the Reunion gig!



Jay Young (Pre Faction Guitar Player)


Facebook: Jay Young


After graduating from Baylor University, Jay and his wife Cheri moved to California.  He continued to play guitar, started his own church and currently holds the record for most offspring at 137.  Recently, his family recently moved back to Texas.  You'd think Dallas so he could be close to his old friends right?  Hell no!  They moved down to San Antonio for some strange reason.  I think he started another church there and squeezed out a couple dozen more chitlins.  He remains there despite my constant pressure to move back up here so we can get the original garage band back together!

Jay was the guitar player in the garage band that was to become Plaid Faction.  While I haven't known him as long as say J.C., Bill, or Kevin; I consider him to be one of my best friends and forever my hetero life mate despite geographic differences.  A really good musician in his own rite and probably the funniest human I have ever met.  Jay has captured several stories over time which will be included where possible in the story section.


Skip (early PF drummer)


While searching PF on the net, I found Skip!  I emailed him and got this back:


"I am happily married with a wonderful daughter.  I currently do not own a drum set, I may take it up again one day for the fun of it, but no definite plans right now.  For my job I am a graphic designer for an online marketing company. I'm also creating and showing my artwork, which you can see at (Noah is my pen name for artwork). Thinking back I would have to say that my favorite thing about playing with PF was the friends and fans that came out to watch our shows."


 He had found this site a couple of years after I started it and posted a blog to his site about it in January 2008.  Here's what Skip had to say:


Here are some other Skip related sites:


He also provided me with some PF pics from way back in the day I haven't seen before:


David Shafer (Bass player #2)


Facebook: James David Shafer


David found the Facebook site and made contact that way.